🍓 lipu pi jan noa

the unquantified life

ive written places before about the unquantified life. its somewhat like the quantified life movement in that it disagrees with datamining corporations holding all my personal data. its unlike the quantified life movement in that it posits that most of that personal data doesnt matter at all.

life is much less stressful, more calm and peaceful, without graphs and charts and endless variables to analyse.

maybe you feel like youre missing out on things. its a compulsion, just like everything else. fill that time and brain space with something else. maybe something productive. maybe staring at the wall, both are good.

do things because they bring you joy. go for long walks, or cycling, or climbing, do it for fun, let the steps and the heartbeats and the calories burnt come second to the content you feel for having done something active. feel the jubilance of achieving something natural.

this isnt meant to be an instance of the naturalistic fallacy. can good things come from data? of course. but so much joy can also be found in obliviousness. smile and dont record something, see how it feels.

stay wonderful.

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