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thoughts on my style

last updated: 2021-11-18

i don't want to have a particular style but i do know what i like to wear. this page is going to be a brain dump on working out how to look cool as all heck while not owning many clothes, and not wearing exclusively neutrals!

note: this page uses british clothing terms! when i say pants i mean underpants (except in the context of harem pants, when they're trousers). trousers are american pants. i think that's the only thing to clarify but that's a thing!

fun outfit combinations!

so first here are some outfit combinations i mess around with frequently, as a starting point.

so this first one, i bought some white trousers from a charity shop and tie dyed them, they look extremely good. thing is, it's quite overwhelming wearing them with anything else bright - for halloween i went as dylan brady of 100 gecs fame, and the garishness of wearing tie dye shirt with tie dye trousers (and a belt as a choker/leash) was quite out there. of course, wearing a blazer with anything instantly raises the hot factor.

this second one is the other way around, i guess. bright shirt, so less bright trousers. i'm not sure about the hoodies actually. i used to wear them all the time, now i want to wear things a bit more fun. and without the hoods, they just look a bit odd.

i found a cardigan in a charity shop recently and it's pretty nice. not super nice - it's made of some synthetic material and feels kind of gritty - but aesthetically nice enough. i don't have many slogan t shirts as i don't like them that much, but i've accumulated a few over the years for various purposes. it's a nice pretty chill combination.

taste considerations

i'm quite picky, it has to be said.

ehh, now i write that out i don't feel as picky. maybe i'll think of more things later.

capsule wardrobe

the idea of a capsule wardrobe is that you have a small wardrobe of items that you can basically chuck together however you want and it looks good. if you've grown up masculinized, like me, this might sound pretty weird because you're used to just slapping on jeans, a t shirt, and any of a hoodie, jacket, or lumberjack shirt to suit the occasion. turns out men basically live with capsule wardrobes already. when i started reading about the concept, i was shocked at the size of some people's closets - i own only around fifty clothes already!

anyway, i want to do a *real* capsule wardrobe now. more colours, more combinations, same-ish style. but less jeans and t shirt wearing. as i say, i already have not many clothes, but i'm gonna do some mad swapping around or whatever to get to where i want to be.

where do i want to be? i'm going to say thirty six items of clothing, including socks, shoes, and accessories, but counting socks in twos. why thirty six? no real reason, it's around the thirty mark that a lot of people aim for, but by including extras i've still cut it down enough from my already apparently tiny selection to be a bit of a fun challenge. also thirty six is 100 in senary and you know i love that stuff.

this capsule will not be all my clothes. i have a smart black shirt and trousers which i keep for concerts, but i don't wear them any other time. that's separate. i'm not counting pants, because i don't choose them based on my outfit (or at least, they don't matter so much).

without further ado, here's a list of the kind of stuff you need in a wardrobe:

ok now brb after i've pulled out all my clothes :)

colour palette!

i'm not fully convinced by the follow a colour palette advice. but i figured it wouldn't hurt to look at what i currently wear, colour-wise. the results are in and i wear a bunch of shades of blue, shades of red (including pink), pale yellow (beige kind of), black, and white.

so like, every colour. nice one.

not quite! there's very litte green (except for my green dressing gown which i only wear alone).

digging deeper, there are more links and patterns. guess it's time for another list, these are things i've noticed about colour:

regarding socks, i have all sorts. i tend to wear them odd and just pick whichever two, but sometimes i pick out complementary ones. but there's no real direction there.

back to colour. pale tops and shirts in pink, blue, beige, potentially with understated patterns, trousers in bright colours or patterns, and contrasting bright colours for jackets seems to be the vibe.

regarding trousers, those bright colours or patterns should probably have a neutral base. the dominant colour on the tie dye is white. i mean, that's not what jumps out at you, but they started out white and that's what's in between every other colour. i think it helps to ground the design.

i mentioned i only wear monochrome earrings. this isn't a hard and fast rule, just a preference. other accessories i mess with colour on. i'd like a bright watch to provide interest, and further induce conversation and eyerolling when people see me with three (is that worse than two or better? at least i'm more committed i guess).

another thing - i don't think i want any blue jackets or whatever, because i don't want a fully blue outfit. but i would like a jumper, maybe. i've not worn jumpers in years and years. on the subject, i'm pretty tempted by the idea of a pair of cords. bleached cords maybe?

how to split the clothes?

so how many of each of these categories of clothes am i going to have? i hear you ask. great question! the great answer is guesswork and trial and error.

i know that i can get by on not many trousers and a few more shirts, so i'm gonna stick with that kind of formula. and fiddle around with my thirty six items to make it all work out.

so let's get this show on the road!


three coats. currently i have two, and i will keep it that way for the moment, with a gap for a third one when it is necessary. you'll see when that is in the handy list below:


three pairs of trousers. for now. maybe i'll rejig and stick a fourth in at some point if i see some cool trousers.


a bigger category! six seems good for the moment, that's what i wear. i might have to expand it at some point. who knows?


this category is going to be equally as big as the tops i think. if i expand that one, i probably won't expand this one. anyways.


i only need pants and socks. i'm not counting pants, but i'll take six socks. well, twelve socks, but as i said above i'm counting them in their pairs.

at some point, i might put more effort into coordinating socks with my outfit, or just get a single colour of socks or something, but for now i'm willing to let them be their own little fashion community made up of whatever people buy me at christmas.

shoes, hats, other accessories

probably another six category. no, a twelve. i want jewelery choice. i'll be counting earrings as pairs here. but obviously i can totally mix and match.

that was kind of a catch all. it's twelve items, but i've added in earrings and necklaces that i don't own, and may not for a while, and not put any extra shoes in. really, i only wear one pair of shoes, but i'm wondering about something a little less hefty than boots. we'll make it work. also i didn't add sunglasses. they should probably be a part of it, right? once again, we'll make it work.

oh also for posterity, i do sometimes wear slippers. but i don't match them to an outfit so i'm not including them <3

closing remarks (for now)

so i got to thirty-six items. just as i wanted. actually not quite, i did bend the rules slightly from the original rules where i counted pants as part of the set and got to forty-two. then i wrote here that i could just change this if i wanted because my list my rules and you'd never know. well now you know.

i don't own all the things here, it's a speculative list. they're guesses at what i could do with based on what i feel i miss. until i find clothes i really like to fill the gaps, i'm going to try and capsule wardrobe it with this smaller capsule wardrobe. if that works, very cool. i'll probably still add the extra stuff so that i can have more combinations.

also at some point i want to add some pictures. so you can see how hot i look, or at least how hot my clothes are.

shocking revelation!

so it's been a few days since i last updated this. i've been using the clothes i listed above to look great so far :)

(except to the red taylor's version listening party, where i went for a two-tone red and black outfit. that's an exception)

anyways, i have a new criteria i'd like to try and satisfy, which is to be able to pack all my clothes into a carry-on bag (that's usually about forty liters). along with the few other things i need (toiletries bag, tea set, book, etc). obviously i can wear some of the clothes. i'll be messing with rolling and stuff in the days to come to see where i can get to.

stay wonderful !