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tea for meditation


i conduct personal gong fu tea ceremonies. i use it as a form of meditation, because it keeps my attention focused on nothing without me having to actually do nothing, which i still struggle with.

there will probably be a lot of overlap between this and /gong-fu-tea because, well, one informs the other. that said, sometimes i do gong fu tea without the aim of meditation. sometimes i just like tea.

for this, i recommend sitting on the floor. silence is good. go through the motions, focusing on the repetitive motions of your hands, the gaiwan, and the cups.

i try to align my breathing with my motions. i breath both in and out through my nose. in as i fill, out as i empty. measure the steeps in breaths.

when it comes to drinking, i drink slowly, eyes closed. i don't need to see the physical world, just to taste the tea. appreciate the sent before tasting. appreciate the taste before swallowing.