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i'm busy busy with essays to write and all. however, some barefoot shoes came today. i bought them on a whim, but actually they're quite nice. the design is similar to some shoes i used to have, but they are much wider at the front (so my toes don't get squeezed). we'll see how they go. there is a decent returns policy so hopefully if i don't like them i can just shoot them back.

oh, and happy new year! i hope this one is the best one for you x


i'm quite tempted to change my bible translation to be in toki pona. i'm not sure if there is one yet, but it seems like a fun way to improve my profiency in the language, and have to really think about what to say.

it turns out writing the bible in simple english is hard. what counts as simple? the new life version translates vision as "special dream". i mean sure, but that has several problems: (a) it sounds weird, (b) it's not really completely accurate, and (c) how many languages or people don't understand the concept of a vision? they are pretty fundamental to a lot of cultures. i don't know, these people have probably put more thought into this than me.

beyond that, just checking in to say hi! hope you're all doing well. i really like the winter and the season but i know there are lot of people out there who find it kind of sucky. feel free to hit me up if you want to vent :)


i haven't done a recipe in a while. here's a curryish pasta sauce thing? i don't know. but it tastes surprisingly good.


i'm back in the anti world wide web spiral. i mentioned this last time with regards to this site redesign. now i've set up ublock origin to hide search results for me, hide cookie warnings, disable javascript, disable big images...

it'd be cool to use something like kristall full time. a browser which supports different protocols and shows stuff simply.

i also need to sort out the big images on the fashion page at some point. practice what you preach and all.

so what's gone on? i've added the bible translation to the home page. progress is obviously slow and even now half the stuff i've written i want to go back and change. i'm making little edits, but leaving it mostly, so i don't get too stuck. it's meant to be a fun project, after all. i still haven't fully decided what i want the direction to be but we'll figure it out as we go along.

beyond that, not a whole lot. over the christmas break i want to record some more music. we'll see how that goes, i'm very busy with essays and the like.

okay not much else here. stay wonderful


on the one hand, i love old-style sites with a few columns, badges, made using tables and all. on the other hand, i like sites that only stick to the content, don't abuse old tags for stylistic reasons, and all. i definitely don't like modern javascript-only sites. i don't really like slither-of-text sites (like this one you're reading), just a receipt down the page. but they're good for what they are. i wish there was a way to inject personality into this stuff without going against the purity of it all.

gemini is nice, but very stringent. html and css are creative. i love them for that. i love doing weird stuff, it's a paintbox for originality.

browsers are complicated beasts. i wish they weren't. i want my web pages to look good in dillo, in netsurf. currently they sort of do. but the two column design doesn't work well on mobile. in my ideal world maybe people wouldn't be using mobile devices to access all this, but they are so i'm not going to make it any more difficult.

that's why this page is a receipt. i'm going to try and get along for the moment with the two styles of site (and a few older styles) all just bunched together in a single space. we'll see how that goes.

stay wonderful


i like milk punch. think baileys but made at home.

i haven't got a perfect recipe yet, so i figured i'd start logging my attempts here.

this chocolately one makes a fair bit. i make it in a 750ml container.

add 4 shots rum, 2 shots honey, 1tsp cocoa powder, half a pot (~250ml) single cream, dash angostura to the container. top with milk and shake well.

this one was too chocolatey for me.


i made pepper tofu noodles this morning and they were pretty good!


this is an aubergine and pea curry based on a recipe by meera sodha. i haven't looked at the recipe in forever. what i do know is that i recommend putting in way more peas than she does.


i conduct personal gong fu tea ceremonies. i use it as a form of meditation, because it keeps my attention focused on nothing without me having to actually do nothing, which i still struggle with.

for this, i recommend sitting on the floor. silence is good. go through the motions, focusing on the repetitive motions of your hands, the gaiwan, and the cups.

i try to align my breathing with my motions. i breath both in and out through my nose. in as i fill, out as i empty. measure the steeps in breaths.

when it comes to drinking, i drink slowly, eyes closed. i don't need to see the physical world, just to taste the tea. appreciate the scent before tasting. appreciate the taste before swallowing.


i made eggs in two ways

this is a nice egg on toast recipe that i like to make. probably already exists but i'm claiming this name anyway. the two ways are either to poach or medium boil the eggs. they taste pretty similar but it's just a different experience.