🍓 lipu pi jan noa

yes, this sparks joy

charting a cute course through hyperspace and meatspace via all the wonderful things that came before me


muto - a cool-small computery emacsy person, with a camera
m455 - enthusiastic schemer with a penchant for documentation
nihilazo, computer linguistics cool person
kira, a friendly cool lo-tech person


1991, a server side web framework in gforth
fennel, a cute lispy overlay for lua with probably the most delightful community ever
maru, a tiny "symbolic expression evaluator" (it's a lisp)
a very nice scheme

tv series i like

the good place is probably my favourite series ever
avatar: the last airbender


laozi's daode jing
ella minnow pea by mark dunn
anarchism and other essays by emma goldman
walden by henry david thoreau


bo burnham's make happy
shen zhou's poet on a mountaintop
blog about avant-garde computer interaction
ibm plex family


conlang syntax test cases
cctv learning chinese
conversational mandarin online
toki pona etymology


polari, british gay slang
a directory of handmade websites
evolution of food through time
inside andy warhol (1966)
notes on heximal number notation
the wonderful low tech magazine


psychonaut field manual
friendly guy demonstrates equipment-free exercises