interface gems

lol yep it's me giving opinions on digital interface design. kind of rambling about what would be my favourite window manager, if it existed


i believe in consistency. this means that your unique quirky brand identity comes second to the platform your unique quirky brand is inhabiting. these days pretty much everyone seems to ignore this, but at least google have decided to move towards apple's interface guidelines in their ios apps. particularly in the app world, people seem to struggle here: many popular apps on android have weird ios-like designs. blend in with the platform!

electron programs on desktop operating systems also have this issue, but this isn't an anti-electron rant and there are electron programs that do a decent job integrating.


global tabs. tabs as part of the window manager. so different applications can be tabbed together. an editor and some documentation or whatever. chrome os works well at this actually, by making everything a website. almost. some things aren't, and that's all just quite irritating.

tabs should be positioned in a way so that the draggable area for moving windows doesn't change size.


there is a time and place for tiling, but sometimes i want floating. floating feels more intuitive, so stick with that by default. i really like how windows does tiling, with intuitive snapping to window sides to get two or four tiled windows. when one window is resized, the others should be resized with it to maintain the grid.


i like the mac taskbar. probably with an application menu in the corner. in particular, a global menu bar is useful for conserving screen space. this works well when the rule of consistency is followed.


search is a good interface. make sure search is fast, windows struggles with this for some reason.

something like duckduckgo's bangs is a good feature, allowing the user to narrow down what they see.