work in progress roguelike [vapourware]

i've made a bunch of little games over the years, and i like roguelikes. i haven't played many video games for ages and i'd like to again, and i'd like it to be entirely on my terms. so i want to make a roguelike.

well this is currently entirely vapourware. i want to document the rules and play here, so that i can have what feels like a coherent design before i get into it. i don't want to spend time messing with things which i don't care about or adding features randomly.

inspirations and general theme

i like games with cooking, farming, wandering, exploring. i never get super into the social aspects of games with social aspects, so avoid them (that's fine by me, i don't want to have to write dialogue).

i guess it's a survival roguelike. in a weird, semi-euclidean world. exploration roguelike. fields, rather than floors. you will keep exploring and moving around the same kind of places.

use tic-80? for those retro vibes, simplicity, etc

very few fantasy elements. let nature and other animals be the challenge. so hunger and sleep and cold will be factors. having said that, i want it to be kind of chill rather than super intense. i'm thinking harvest moon. limit progression with stamina or something? bag size, maybe.

if there are unidentified potions or scrolls (i haven't decided yet), i want them to have to be used straight away, because otherwise i'll just not use them

intuitive controls. roguelikes suck at this. i'd rather lose some control for simplicity. having slots for weapon etc, and then automatically attack or use depending. but totally let anything be equipped in the weapon slot.