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notes on my fashion

last updated: 2022-01-06

a brief overview of minimal clothing systems

"minimalist wardrobe" probably brings to mind a certain aesthetic, but here's how i see it: a minimalist wardrobe is one where every piece of clothing is worn on some regular cycle (daily, weekly, yearly), and has been considered. it could be a really big wardrobe, but as long as each piece is appreciated that's fine. just like minimalism in any other domain.

a capsule wardrobe is a subset of a minimalist wardrobe where there is a limited number of garments, probably less than fifty, which have been curated so that any combination of the clothes look good. i grew up masculinised, so this was a familiar concept: if you mostly dress in jeans and graphic t-shirts, you might recognise your own wardrobe in it.

a uniform is ultra minimalist. the idea you wear an identical outfit every day. own a stack of the same shirt. think steve jobs. or a uniform.

the idea of a capsule wardrobe appeals to me, but the idea of only wearing neutrals does not. or at least, did not; the more i've thought about this, the more a uniform has started to appeal, with a little capsule over the top to provide originality and fun. this page attempts to document my current approach to clothing.

this capsule is not all my clothes. i have a black shirt and trousers for performing, but i don't wear them any other time. i'm not counting pants, because i don't choose them based on my outfit.

colour placement

my trousers all have a neutral base colour. even the tie-dyed trousers are predominantly white. my shirts are all in understated tones.

my jackets, blazers, and cardigans are bright. solid colours. exciting. that's where i go playful. this is useful because i can easily remove them when i need to be serious. which is never.

the clothes

shoes. i think that the best kind of shoes are smartish brown leather shoes. i'm currently experimenting with barefoot shoes.

bottoms. two pairs of slim fit navy jeans.

tops. three off-white long-sleeve shirts.

jackets. one hot pink corduroy overshirt. one blazer in navy. two blazers in bright colours. two cardigans.

watches. one silver casio digital, one mondaine analogue.

other accessories. one brown leather belt. one hat. one pair of sunglasses. one shoulder bag.

(stay wonderful)