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daldal is poetry in bakobako. it also kind of defines my core beliefs. really it should be written in the syllabic script for bakobako, but i haven't made a font yet, so that's not where we're at. i'd also like to make this page into some kind of a study guide with interpretation and translation notes at some point. we'll get there eventually haha

it is itself a work in progress, as i try and work out what kind of poetry and rhythm i like, as well as what my core beliefs are. some of that changes quite fast, although as what i think changes, it becomes easier to work out what i value most as there are recurring patterns behind it all.

daldal is split into six sections, named for the seasons, each of which is subdivided into six chapters, each containing six verses. (i really like the number six, what can i say).

wo ki bisha dada bedalda ba. wo di dakaki ba wo di dalda ba wo di donadal ba. shi ki dakaki de bi debe

ba bisha baki dono. nedabewika wikanedal. ba kinel wowo ne badi. bisha do wel wikido