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2021-11-26 - some of the pages are more consistent, the background is warmer, i switched to more ems, centered the thing, and more and more! also i want to start adding badges to other people's sites so that's what i'm going to do!

2021-11-23 i'm making some internal changes! i've moved a bunch of the css from this page into its own file so i can replicate it more easily. i'm also changing the urls for some pages, so check your bookmarks or whatever :) oh also i added a few more webring things over the last few days! annnd another thing that i've done just now is move this changelog to its own page. maybe i'll put it back but i wanted to try this.

2021-11-21 started work on uridex, a website directory! i want it to replace my bookmarks page. it's very simple at the moment. i'm thinking two or three levels deep kind of thing.

2021-11-20 made a few skeleton pages for recipes, music stuff. i've also changed the css on a bunch of pages for uniqueness :)

2021-11-16 added photos to the fashion page! well, some of it. the files are massive, i totally need to shrink them down.

2021-11-15 significantly fleshed out the fashion page. still a long way to go!

2021-11-13 got rid of the categories, i couldn't think of a good way to sort them. so now they are just one big lump to fiddle through.

2021-11-12 added a couple recipe pages over the last few days! totally want to pad that out further. also i added a spotify playlist to this page. i'm not sure if i'll keep it, seeing as muh privacy etc. also i rearranged the link categories.

2021-11-09 finished off a bit of an overhaul i started yesterday! before i'd say the design was brutalist. before that it was minimalist. now we're at old web style and i like it! at least for this index. the rest of the site is still kind of a mess and i like that too!