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dalbeni! my name's noa. this is my personal website, inspired by the revival of sprawling handwritten passion sites. i study philosophy and sometimes i write grey prose. feel free to write to me, i'll probably reply! also note that this website is always a work in progress so if things break or aren't there, please be patient or let me know. enjoy your stay!

my button

this is my button. you can put it on your website (if you do that let me know so we can swap), print it out, spray paint it onto some government building, there's so much choice!
<a href="https://noa-s.neocities.org/"><img src="https://noa-s.neocities.org/button.png"></a>

what's in my head ?

mad jazz. jazz night happened and now i'm out here singing jazz again :)

check the changelog for updates!

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...what's going on?